Welcome to Villa Tjitrap

Villa Tjitrap is a stunning 6-bedroom luxury villa, located in the heart of Seminyak.

The architect of the villa ,the internationally recognised, Mr. Ross Franklin, was asked to design a villa in Bali that was a modern mixture of the old plantation house Tjitrap, where the grandmother of the owners grew up in Java and the Black and White House in Singapore where they lived for many years. In the 19th century “Huis Tjitrap” in Java was in its haydays a place where many visitors enjoyed the famous hospitality of Majoor Jantje. In the surroundings of Citeureup, south of Jakarta, the house was well known for its beauty and its social gatherings.

Villa Tjitrap in Seminyak nowadays reflects this atmosphere of an old plantation house in the 19th century with a tropical Javanese flavor. It is a magnificent 6-bedroom villa with high ceilings, lots of light and a beautiful garden and will make you feel instantly at home. The villa is surrounded by a peaceful private tropical garden though the location is super central in the heart of Bali’s most sought after neighborhood, Seminyak.